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'''Schwagstock''' is a music festival that takes place over the course of a weekend in an outdoor setting, and is intended to carry on the vibe of the Woodstock Festival|Woodstock festival. Food, trinkets, glassware, carvings, beads, blankets, tie-dye clothing, and many other handmade and hippie-appeal items are available for sale by individual vendors. Attendees are allowed to camp anywhere they wish on the campgrounds, and may choose to set up tents or to camp in their vehicles instead. Music is scheduled such that there are several overlapping live music acts between the main stage and the sideshow(s) from early afternoon until early morning. Past Schwagstocks have been held at Lesterville, Leasburg and Bagnell Dam in Missouri, and in Iowa, but as of 2004 all Schwagstocks are held at Camp Zoe, south of Salem . Shannon County, MO.[ Schwagstock]
Dates| genre = Jam band music, rock music, crafts
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